Farm Tours:   Reserve horse drawn carriage ride with lunch tour  

 Weddings:  Barn Wedding Vene and Outside Wedding Venue

^Catfish Fridays & Saturday Breakfast

^Barn Dining Experiences & Marriage Proposals

^Cowboy Famous 'Firepit to Pan' Dinners/catering event here

^Valentines Carriage Love Rides, packages

^Kids or Adults Birthday Parties, begin $125

^School Field Trips-Scouts -Book clubs-school projects-pioneer days​
Barn Quilt classes.......Kids time pancakes/rides/learn about our horse

Adult Education classes:  carriage driving, grow your garden, caring for horses, barn structures repair/rebuild/reuse antique furniture, heirlooms, other

​Thanksgiving & Holiday Food Prepared

^Christmas: No event this year, 2018 due to Mr. Beckner's health