Rear Entry, 10-12 passenger, ​parade carrier, tour wagon

In 2010, Shorty and PeeWee came to our farm. These are our girls.  PeeWee is oldest, 17 hands tall, dapple grey, smallest  Shorty is boss lady, 17.5 hands tall, has a black spot on her forehead, most experienced, handles what you give her.

2014, Geronimo and General came.  Gentle Giants from out west.  They are younger, stronger, team that pull the hardest, 18 hands all and weigh in at 1850#s.  

Christmas Red Sleigh, 

3 seats, wheels

Princess Cinderella White Carriage

​Our farm welcome wagon, best personality, TV star, loves people & kids, herds horses and us, keeps watch out, shakes hands, will catch ball all day, loves to be petted and shows love in return... 
available for app​earances, photography sessions, commercials, movies, birthdays, weddings, and health care facilities.  


Refurbished Vintage tongue grove wood wagon with 12 ft vintage church pews

1800's iron/wood vintage

wagon rear entry

Large Hay Wagon, cart,

bales, team pull

White Wedding Carriage, con​vertible top, vis a vie

Limo Carriage, fringe top, 4 seat with running boards, elegant delivery style

JC Kirby Funeral Horse Drawn Casket Carrier