Christmas Lights Farm Rides: Displays, Donations, Sponsor, Booths, etc
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Christmas at Rockn B began in 2014, with just over 20,000 lights, sheer determination, few simple displays, our 4 horses and few carriages to take people along a farm route and see something 'thats just different'.  We do not have big huge light boards, only imagination to build something for the kids to look at and families to enjoy.  We build a lovely bonfire, offer smores to roast, homemade food, doll up the 1962 barn Becks Daddy built, make a nice area for Santa to come visit, some of the best hot chocolate and apple cider one can drink,  We don't charge an entry fee; but we tell people if you are sitting around the bonfire, we might ask ya to lead a carol or tell a good holiday story.  At this point in our holiday spirit for these 38 some nights, we ask for $5 per person to ride to see the lights along our route.  We don't have loud music; we ask you to sing, and sing loud!  We don't have have an armload of help; and ask for volunteers who like to be in the holiday fun and meet people from all over the United States and last year, even 2 countries- France and Japan.  We have built our audience every year and 2016 swelled to over 3,000 visitors to our Farm and over 100,000 twinkling lights!

We have always offered Santa visits for free to our guests.  We would like to keep it that way, so even a divorced mother of 4 can still come, let the kids see Santa, and pay the $5 ea for the horse drawn ride.  This year Santa is coming to visit 13 different times.  He can stay 2 hours each visit, except for the time we have with the Bowling Green Humane Society night.  They will be accepting $5 donations for their organization for each visitor to Santa with their Fur Babies and Santa is staying 3 hours.  Please consider hosting our Santa this year-$2,025 is our cost.

We gladly accept sponsorships of our displays, and you can build one for yourself for your very own display.  Each display is appx 12 x12 and costs $250 for the entire month!  You name on a sign can be added, or build a wonderful themed holiday picture for the public to oooh and aaaah with so that they can remember your name.  The display can be built offsite and brought to the farm prior can be on a wagon; it can be set up with stakes in the ground.  Simply press the purchase button and we will get with you immediately; or call us.

Each night the horse drawn rides will enter our final turn to a  'tunnel' from the not lit field into our barn,which has the on and off area for riders. Once loaded again with riders, they will be lead by our experienced driver and horses around our farm lighted path.  We are the moving parade and the displays are stationary for viewing.  The tunnel entrance is a wonderful opportunity to sponsor our lights at the barn for this return entry as the moving riders approach final stop.  

Our horses will be stationed at the barn pavllion for guests to pet, take pictures, put their letters to the horses in their stockings and mailboxes.  This is one of the best and most picturesque moments.  Please think about a spot within this holiday moment.

Bonfire sponsor- already named, watch for the banners 

Holiday dinners and company gatherings is a wonderful time to offer something different, like our farm!  Our very busiest nights are Fridays and Saturdays.  Since we don't have a whole lot of hired help and volunteers, may we offer another night to come spend some happy moments with us.  We have formal sit down dinners from Mammaws Kitchen, informal handheld goodies to take to the bonfire, Santa moments, holiday photo booth in one of our barn stalls.  Book early so that you don't miss out on giving your employees or family a unique way to spend some 'off' time together.  

Want to have a booth on Friday and Saturday nights to sell your wares, items?  No food or drink items are allowed, we have all that covered.  Different pricing for outside the barn, or inside a barn stall......

How about some music?  Your group has a dance performance style?  Want an audience?  Love performing?  Baby its cold outside, please remember to dress warm; but this a great low key style way to meeting your public, and reaching a new audience.  Play a fiddle, hum a harmonica, magician, tell a great story or family style jokes?  Talk to us about performing, and if selected, we will video/take pictures for our social media, have your on our media calendar, advertise you at no cost to you, and provide either a free guest pass ride, and/or something to eat while you are performing.  We cannot pay for performances, as we do not have that kind of budget or sponsorship.

Our contribution for your generous support, social media, web site, still pictures and moving video, any TV appearnaces recognition on air as a guest and if they come to film at the farm; print mediums, our media calendar, on air with Th
e Trader radio show, and all of our guests every night from Thanksgiving Saturday grand opening to New Years Eve, 5 pm - 10 pm.
Once again, thank you very much for taking an real interest in a down home style holiday farm event.  You will help continue this labor intensive, hard work, sheer determination to pull it off attitude at our farm, and put a whole lot of 'feel goods' in our people, visitors, public awareness, cast non believers that this type of event can still happen and does; and aid those who are less fornutate, in all sense of the term, to come see lights, ride slow bell ringing ride, be on a farm, step back in time, poke at a bonfire, learn about smores, and just feel great to be somewhere different for a holiday event!  From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate.  Robin, Beck, Lacey, 4 cats, Shorty, PeeWee, General, Geronimo, those who show up every day to support our crazy ideas for holiday spirit.